Souce list cannot be changed.


We created a document library on a test site using a list in the same site. When we were done with the design, I made a template from the library and copied that to the production site. I also created a template of the list (including content) and copied that to production as well. I created a new list and library on the production site from the copied templates. However, the connected columns in the library did not find the new list (not really a surprise, but it would have been neat). However, it was a surprise to find we could not edit the columns and change the list they were based on to the one on the production site. We had to delete the colums and re-create them based on the new list. To me, being able to change the lists would seem to be to be a very useful feature.


leonidly wrote Aug 12, 2009 at 7:38 PM

Correct. This behaviour is inherited from OOB lookup

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