Some sort of code when copying field values


First of all, in my opinion this is the best implementation of this feature. Thanks for that!!
However, I have found some issues:
  • The connected fields cannot be used on calculated fields (at least they do not appear in the list of fields to add from)
  • They only work on text files, thus we have to copy the value of any other field type to another field, a text field (additional data on the list, additional workflow to make the copy)
  • and, the most important to me, I can't use these fields into compare operations because its content appears to have some sort of code in it.
    For instance, If I get the value and store it on the workflow history, I see something like this: 31;#Virtualización , making it impossible to use to compare anything. This is a real value from one of my workflows, just getting and storing the value. No other action.
    Is there any way to get ride of the 31#; ?
    Would it be to much asking to correct this?
    Again, thanks a lot for spending your time on doing things like this!!
    Best regards.


leonidly wrote Aug 1, 2009 at 2:54 AM

These issues are by design. I don't think it's impossible to extend Connected Lookup to work around those. I would have hard time scoping this effort though. In any case, such extension is not on immediate todo list, sorry.

caribe80 wrote Aug 12, 2009 at 4:26 PM

Too bad...
Anyway, what's the idea behind putting that code together with the selected value?


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